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This is the 21st century, the beginning of a new era where people every day are working hard for making a brighter future for them and society. If you want to achieve this goal you do not only need a good mindset but also a healthy body, without it won’t be possible to properly conduct your daily task and maintain a strict routine. These days people are very much health conscious, to get an appropriate physique they work out, go to the gyms or choose a sport in which they are particularly interested. This helps a lot in focusing better while performing a task. People recommend different excruciating exercise and a diet plan which is nearly impossible to continue with. Keto diet can help you a lot in losing those extra pounds of yours. In keto diet plan the food contains a higher number of fat, moderate protein and very less amount of carbohydrates. You can look up for some recipe at ketosumo.

How keto diets help you maintain a good physique

As mentioned earlier in a keto diet the food item or items have high protein, adequate protein, and low carbohydrate. It also helps the patient suffering from epilepsy. Despite all its benefits their many misconceptions about it which are discussed below:

  • People have this wrong idea about bacon and cheese: It has been observed that most of the people think that the person who is on keto diet relies only on bacon and cheese but that’s not true. It is not even an important part of the meal. There are plenty of options available instead of cheese and bacon which you can look online on a website like ketosumo. One has leafy vegetables like and other green vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli.
  • It is not good for your health: People think that these diets mostly contain bacon dipped in butter or cheese and are very unhealthy. It’s the refined carbohydrates which are usually more poisonous than fats ever is. It causes several heart-related diseases.
  • You feel constantly hungry: It’s a complete hoax which people keep telling each other. A balanced diet of fat, protein, and carbohydrate will not only satisfy your hunger but you also feel full for a longer period of time.
  • It prevents you from doing intense workout due to fewer carbs: It totally depends upon your physique and body’s metabolism which affects your performance while intense workout sessions.
  • It’s not sustainable: It is as sustainable as any other diet food like vegetarian or low-fat diet.

How a keto diet helps in losing some weight

If you are looking for an easy way to lose some weight you should go for a diet plan of a meal in which you take more amount of fat with some protein and little amount of carbohydrates. When you start a keto diet your body starts using fat as the source of energy besides the carbohydrates. When you start taking more fat and fewer carbohydrates the body still needs energy for the proper functioning of the body. So, when the carbohydrate level decreases in the lever, your body starts utilizing fat as the source of energy which ultimately results in weight loss.

So if you have put on some weight and want to lose it as soon as possible you can totally rely on the keto diet. It contains the entire nutrient essential for the human body and also relieves you from obesity or that extra pound on you. There are various kinds of recipes especially for keto diet available online on websites like ketosumo where you can get access to every possible keto meal recipe.


Do you think it is difficult to get a Limo rental service today? You couldn’t be more wrong. There are a number of limo services that are not only affordable but also provide the best service possible for you. This all can be made possible if you select the right hummer limo hire london and you travel in style. Picking the right services is not that easy. There are services that promise a lot but do not deliver to you. With the right Limo rental service you will be able to make sure that you travel in style and you also get the best value for money that you are putting in.

One of the best things about a limo rental service is the courteousness that is shown towards you. Not any do you get a personalized driver you also get refreshments along the way as well as soothing music for you. Your preferences are always taken into consideration whenever you make a booking for a rental service. If you have booked the services in the past you will know that the next time you will not have to specify your preferences. All you need to do is book the services and your preferences will be kept in mind.

If you are still not too sure how limo rental services will benefit you then go ahead and take a short ride in a limo and see how comfortable and how convenient it is. Not only will it change your opinion you will also start recommending it. There are a number of people that use limo rental services almost on a daily basis. These are the kind of people that are usually in a hurry and they need to get to different places in time. The best Limo rental service centre you will be able to reach your destination in a matter of minutes. You will also get a preferred vehicle of your choice and your driver will not even refuse the fare once they reach your doorstep.

People are usually sceptical about taking the limo services because of the background of the driver. There are a number of cases that come across when the driver has misbehaved with a passenger. However that does not happen with the right limo rental service. The best Limo rental service will always run a background check on all of the drivers and ensure that only the best drivers take you to your destination. These drivers are well trained in customer service and they speak to you in the most polite manner. With the way the services are provided it will only be a matter of time before you mind is made up. You will be able to make sure that you get the right service at the most affordable price and anytime you want. When you are used to hiring Limo rental services you will be able to ensure that you do this each and every time and your family members do the same as well. Hiring services on a daily basis will ensure that you travel comfortably and save on a lot of money.


Fortnite is by far one of the most interesting games you can play and apart from the fact that it has a huge fan following the game constantly comes up with new and improved features that keep users hooked on to it.  If you are a fortnite fan then you already know how difficult it is to constantly keep up to the new changes every now and then because that means having to learn new things in order to stay ahead of the game. Sometimes players end up learning these new techniques faster than you and they get ahead in the game even though you have been playing longer than them. If these scenarios annoy you then one of the best things for you to do would be to use the fortnite hack from the original site that not only helps you figure out the game more easily but also ensures that you will manage to take the lead in the game faster.

Fortnite is one of those games that isn’t going to lose its popularity anytime so and the better you get at the game, the higher the chances for you to compete in competitions and do better.  There is no denying the people are often frightened to use this hack because they believe that it is not safe and it would cause many complications with the computer and also increase the chances of a risk of Malware entering the system.

If this is something you are worried about then with fortnite  hack you can be rest assured that none of these problems will ever arise.The risky hacks are the hacks that you need to download from the internet because it sends you an unknown file source that could contain a virus or something that could potentially destroy files in the system permanently.  The fortnite hack on the other hand is an online hack which makes it is safe to use and easy hack.

There are a number of features that this hack comes with. One of the best features is the auto update feature that will help the hack function irrespective of the number of times a game has been updated by the game developer. Game developers usually update the games at least once every couple of days to take care of bug fixes and to repair any errors in the game. They do this to make sure that the gaming experience is not hampered and none of the current users should face problems in the game because of issues. When the game is updated the game developers make certain changes at the backend and when you use an ordinary hack to play along with the game, the hack may not be able to function when the changes have been implemented. This hack on the other and has an amazing auto update feature that will help you play the game the respective was the number of times it has been updated. You will be able to play this game efficiently with the help of this hack.

Another brilliant future of this hack is being able to use it without being detected by anyone from the developer community. Most game developers are very careful when it comes to players using hacks and they have certain checks place to ensure that the does not happen. If a game developer detects a hack been used by a certain player, they will ban that account immediately and the player will no longer have access to the game or the progress that he or she made. This hack, on the other hand, is undetectable. This means that the hack can be used any number of times without anyone even suspecting anything. However, you should be careful about the number of time that use this app because your opponent players get suspicious and they wonder where you are getting the additional coins and gems from they may report your profile and this could lead to an investigation. Whenever an investigation was conducted most accounts are suspended temporally and you will not want this with your fortnite account.

Another amazing feature of this is that you no longer need to provide any of your personal information or sign in to use the hack. Most of the ordinary hacks will ask you to register on the website in order to get full benefits of the hack. However, that is not the case with this act and you will be able to use the hack almost immediately. Whenever you register with an unknown website there is a chance that they will use your personal information against you and you will not even know about it. When you give out your personal information over the internet you never know how many people have access to it and before you know it your personal information has been misused for various purposes.

Since this fact is not asking to register it is one of the best hacks out there that can be used for fortnite. It is an easy to use hack and you can get the benefits of it within a matter of minutes. All you need to do is click on the hacked and you will be able to get coins and gems in your account in no time. So easy to use you will not need any kind of coding experience or technical knowledge in order to make the most of it. You need to make sure that you use this fortnite hack to this foolish capability and make sure that you do not rely on any other hack that asks you to register a provider credit card information. Providing your credit card information just for verification purposes is definitely not something that you should do because your credit card will be misused by these websites and you will be charged a huge amount. This fortnite hack is worth it because it does not ask you to verify your information needed as it asks you for your credit card or any other financial information.


Our world is full of technological items and still people are working harder to be the best. Therefore, if you are gamers then you must have played lots of video games into your life. Basically, some games are expensive, but the majority of the game are totally free to play. However, nowadays people only prefer to play online video games because due to this, they get a chance to play with their friends as well. Therefore, you can easily attach the social networking account with the game account and play with friends and family members.

This could be really valuable for you because you get a chance to play with loving once. Due to this, people are able to stay attached to their friends. Even some game developers put the chatting option into their game. Due to this, players are able to chat with their friends easily. They can make different kinds of strategies to get success in the missions. Even players can also find more info about the new action games online.

How to win in survival games?

Plethoras of survival games are available on the internet for different platforms. However, the beginners are really confused that how they can survive more and more in these survival games. Therefore, they cannot win battles quickly. Even they get dead in the first 10 minutes, which is really affects, their ranking. Therefore, the question is how they can survive more and more? Well, if you are playing the game in which the weapons are in use then you should use them whenever you find any enemy in the battle. Due to this, you can easily make a defense. You should first understand the use of the weapons first before using into the battles.

Daily log-in

After playing a game more than 5 times, players easily understand the way of collecting the currencies. However, the fact is that it is not only a way of getting the currencies. Therefore, there are some games in which players get the opportunity to earn free rewards after daily Log-in. In short, if you play the game daily then it will give you special rewards. It doesn’t matter what rewards would be, but this is a fact that in all these rewards, players will get a limited reward like currencies or something else. It would be best for you to play this game daily.


The ranking is the most significant part of the game that tells the real power of the players. It doesn’t matter how pro player you are, if your ranking is very low then you will count in the Noob players. Therefore, simply pay attention to the ranking first. You should the simply first check out the XP (experience points) and then start working on it. Due to this, you are able to boost your ranking in the game. Once you reach the bronze to gold level then it would be best for you. Even you can easily earn more and more rewards by doing this.


It is always a good idea for you to do stuff for your lips that will benefit you in the long run. The more attention you pay, the better your lips tends to look. If you are wondering what you should do in order to have healthy glowing lips at any age then here are a few secrets from lipcarespot.com that we will let you in on.


Moisturizing your lips is so important. If your lips has not been moisturized it will always look dry. There are different kinds of moisturizers that you can find in the market, so always make sure that you pick one that suits your lips.

Stay Sun Protected

If there’s one thing that is really important, it is never to leave home and go in the sun without applying sunscreen.

Use Hypo-allergic, Good Quality Make Up

One of the major reasons people suffer from a number of lips infections is because of using makeup that is not good quality. Women don’t realize how long they spend with makeup on. When makeup is not good quality it reacts with your lips very badly.

Take Off That Make Up

Always remember to take off your makeup before you head to bed. Sleeping with makeup can block the pores of your lips and this can cause a number of lips related problems. You need to allow your lips to breathe and this is why it is essential for you to take off all your makeup at the end of the day. Instead of investing in a chemical based makeup remover, you can create your own make up remover by combining vegetable oil with lavender essential oil.

People who work in environments which have high levels of chemical exposures are prone to dermatitis. Dermatitis which is contracted at a workplace is not contagious and does not spread from one person to another. However this infection can be a daunting experience that causes the lips of the infected person to go sore and swell. It also leads to lips blisters which make the lips read and painful when touched. There is no age to contract this infection and it commonly occurs when a person is exposed to high volumes of chemicals. While preventing it lies at the source itself, here are a few things people can do to avoid contracting dermatitis at their workplace.

Organizations, industries and laboratories which deal with high volumes of chemicals should always have an available team of doctors on board who can help employees that come in contact with any harmful chemical.

Proper knowledge of the chemical you are dealing with is important and the more you know about it, the less harmful it can be for you. Learn all you can and attend all training seminars on safety and health at the organization and ensure you are properly educated. One needs to understand that chemicals are harsh on the lips and everyone is allergic to some chemical or the other. While harsh chemicals can even burn the lips, milder ones can cause severe irritation. It’s essential to stay protected at all times. Rooms with high volumes of chemicals should be isolated or restricted to a few people only. This reduces the risk of the chemical escaping from the room and keeps the employees safe.

All employees who enter such rooms must stay covered and wear special suits designed to be worn while in high chemical volume atmospheres. These suits or coats are preferable if disposable and should be used only inside the room once and later thrown out. This prevents any chemical from being transported to another room or person. One should always avoid using their hands as a tool and always cover and use sterilized gloves while in a surrounding with high chemical volumes.


If you are looking for the large tapestries, then you should try it online. Buying large tapestry online is not only convenient but also has many other benefits. In the article, we are going to let you know the benefits of buying tapestries online. If you are new to this world, then you can go for grey and white tapestry at tapestryshopping. When you search on it, you will get many different options to choose from.

Large wall tapestries are now getting more popularity because these are able to change the view of your house. You can say that large wall tapestries are an amazing way of decorating your home. It is one of the simplest ways of decorating a wall in a home than wall painting. Tapestries are a permanent solution of wall decoration because there are durable so that you can use them for a long time.

Why should you choose tapestries online?

No doubt, tapestries are one of the best ways to change the overall interior of your home. When it comes to buying them, it becomes difficult. If you place your order online, then it will be beneficial in many ways. In simple words, there are so many benefits of buying tapestries online.

It is a simple and easy way to consider the different options in the same place. All the best options will be in front of you so that you can easily choose the best option. Even, you can match them to your home interior. In this way, you will be able to choose the best option of tapestry.

Benefits of buying tapestries online

The Internet is the best source for getting information about. It will be the best decision of buying tapestries online because you will not have put efforts for it. You can get any kind of information regarding tapestries online. Don’t forget to search on grey and white tapestry at tapestryshopping online to get the best option for home decoration. Lets’ make a discussion on the benefits of buying tapestries online:

  • Convenient

It is a simple and easy way of buying tapestries online. There is no need for extra efforts because you can put your order online for tapestries. You don’t have a need to go to the market because you can get all the required information on the internet. You just need to choose the reputed website to buy tapestries.

  • Various options

It is not possible that you can get all the possible options in the market. On the other hand, you can get numbers of options on the internet that is not possible in the market. Due to this, most of the people like to buy tapestries online. In this way, they can get the perfect match according to the home interior.

In addition, buying tapestries online is the best ways. If you are considering about tapestries, then you should start with grey and white tapestry at tapestryshopping online. In this way, make your choice perfect for home decoration.


Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia with a very colorful cultural background. It received influences from Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic countries and it took from the states around it Chinese or Indian elements, not to mention the strong Polynesian influence. This atypical blending resulted in fascinating traditions, countless superstitions and an interesting system of beliefs. Besides its culture, the country boasts about its tropical beaches and beautiful mountains.


The scenery exceeds all expectations. The tiny island of Boracay amazes with its clean shoreline and the beautiful white sand, bat caves, mountains, coral beds and a specific formation called Willy’s Rock. You have more choices than just mountains and beaches: the Chocolate Hills greet you with impressive landscapes. Palawan and Vigan speak of the nation’s bloody past. For a rather original nightlife and lively urban centers, visit Baguio, Manila or Quezon City. For a bit of history, go to the Shrine of Mary, Corregidor, Malacanang Palace, the Rizal Shrine or the Walled City. Other tourist destinations include plenty of amusement parks, the fort Santiago, natural parks, Paoay Church, Mount Apo, the Black Nazarene, rice terraces, Tabone, museums and a bamboo organ.


It may sound as a good idea to try out their foods, especially dried mangoes, fried bananas or lechon. However, the region is famous for its bad food and you might find hidden gems like balut: eggs containing duck embryos, boiled alive and served with beer. The cuisine can be quite interesting, and so is the mythology. Many Filipinos fear Asuwan (the closest to Western myths is the werewolf) and Manananggal (a demon vampire). Philippines hit the news when a poor group of people started living in a cemetery, where kids would play and people would even throw parties.


Community life is important: Filipinos avoid anything that could bring them shame (even hiding their economic situation); in contracts, hiring possibilities for the family or other nepotistic practices may appear. Filipinos are friendly and modest. The smile is essential when socializing. You may expect their renowned hospitality, but don’t get too familiar. Learn how to text, Filipinos send more text messages daily than the Western world altogether.


Who hasn’t ever thought about a vacation in Hawaii? This is the epitome of a tropical, luxurious destination, with wonderful beach settings, exotic fruits and relaxing atmosphere. Surfing seems to be the favorite sport of the state and is no wonder why: the waves crashing at the shore, the hot weather and the locals keeping you company will make your experience delightful. Before, Hawaii was actually called the Aloha State, so it’s not just a stereotype. While only about 10 islands are inhabited, the archipelago counts more than 100 islands.


The demographics are very diverse. Most of them are Asian-Americans, Native Americans or Caucasians. Since they’re used to tourists, the locals are pretty helpful and can guide you around. They are also very friendly and they might extend some sort of invitation upon meeting you, either to a party or an event. The nightlife is at its peak in Oahu, where you can find all sorts of places to go to, be it concerts, clubs or cultural events. And if you’re still under the impression this is some isolated place in the US, you probably would be surprised to learn Honolulu has one of the most packed streets in the US or that a Hawaiian residences had electricity before the White House.


That building goes by the name of ‘Iolani House and served as a home for monarchs. This is highly important since the US never had monarchs. Impressive lighthouses, the Koko Head Crater Trail or the Huilhee Palace are equally impressive. The most known tourist attraction is Pearl Harbor, a complex of sites paying respect to those who lost their lives in World War II. Koloa reminds people of the sugar plantations that were once here. Hawaii is the only American state producing coffee, so include Kona on your list. Kalepa Bridge or Iao Valley will surprise you with their beauty.



The Grand Cayman Islands, like many popular tourist destinations, have different requirements for visitors versus residents when it comes to obtaining a marriage license. It is important to be sure you understand the requirements before committing yourself to a marriage ceremony here. One way to make sure everything goes smoothly is to hire a wedding coordinator.

Many of the larger hotels and resorts have wedding coordinators on staff who can obtain a marriage license in advance of the couple’s arrival. In addition to the requirements for getting married, couples should take note of certain laws that may affect the celebration, such as the fact that music is not allowed on Sundays at places licensed to sell alcohol.

Marriage Requirements in the Grand Cayman Islands

Legal age for marriage

A couple must be at least 16 to get married in the Grand Cayman Islands. If they are under the age of 18, then consent by the father is required. If the father is dead, then a legal guardian can give consent. In this island nation, the mother can give consent only if she was unmarried.

Marriage Requirements in the Grand Cayman Islands

Marriage license requirements for non-residents

Non-residents of the Grand Cayman Islands can apply in person or have a wedding coordinator apply for the license for them. They will need a birth certificate or passport for the license. If either party was married previously, a copy of the death certificate or divorce is needed as well. A copy of their ship’s boarding pass or Cayman Islands international embarkation/disembarkation card will be needed if applying in person. There is no waiting period for non-residents after applying for the marriage license.

Marriage Requirements in the Grand Cayman Islands

Marriage license requirements for residents

When residents of the Grand Cayman Island apply for a marriage license, they must then post notice in the local paper for at least 15 consecutive days prior to the ceremony. A notice must also be posted at their church for at least seven consecutive days prior. This allows those who have objections to file their claim with the authorities. Objections must be dealt with through the legal system and resolved before the ceremony is allowed to proceed.


Cooking School Vacations in ItalyItaly is known just as much for its cuisine as it is known for its art and culture. What better way to spend time in Italy than learning how to cook Italian cuisine yourself? Your friends back home will definitely appreciate your newly-acquired culinary skills upon your arrival back home; a much better souvenir than a postcard.

Course Locations

Cooking schools are located all around Italy, including locations in Milan, Rome, Sicily, Bologna and throughout Tuscany.

Course Lengths

Cooking school vacations in Italy may run from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the course you decide to take.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy

Types of Courses

Cooking school courses can vary from intensive, hands-on classes to more mellow courses that allow time for touring in between cooking classes. Some classes focus on just one aspect of Italian cooking, such as how to make homemade pasta, to more encompassing courses that cover how to make multi-course meals.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy


Italian cooking schools vary in price, depending on the length of the course and what is taught during the course. When comparing cost, take into consideration what is included in the cost, such as accommodations, materials or group outings.

Cooking School Vacations in Italy

When to Go

Cooking school courses are offered throughout the year in Italy. Summertime is a popular time to visit Italy; if you don’t want to contend with the crowds, consider planning your cooking school adventure for the spring or fall.


A destination wedding is when a couple gets married in a location outside of their home country and invites their guests to join them. The destination doubles as the site of the couple’s honeymoon and acts as a mini-vacation for the guests.


Technically, a destination wedding can be anywhere the couple chooses. However, the Bahamas, Cancun and Barbados are popular with United States citizens.

Destination Wedding in Costa Rica


According to Destination Weddings Website, these nuptuals can save couples up to $20,000 because the wedding is negotiated as a package deal with the resort that hosts the event.


One needs to keep the guest list down when it comes to a destination wedding. Otherwise, the negatives outweigh the positives. This choice is very popular for weddings that have around 70 people (or much less) attending.


Brides and grooms often purchase finery that reflects the locale they marry in, like wearing sarong dresses and loose-fitting white shirts and pants for a beach front ceremony.

Destination Wedding in Costa RicaInvitations

You should invite people to a destination wedding four to six months before the event so that guests have time to plan for the trip. Sometimes, a “Save the Date” can be sent a year in advance.


The resort usually doubles as an assistant wedding planner for a destination wedding. It handles the arrangements–from the reception to the wedding cake–by having a consultant work with the couple on the details months before the wedding date.


Paris is one of Europe’s most beloved travel destinations, as well as one of its most expensive. Contrary to popular myth, however, you don’t have to look outside the city to find a cheap place to stay. Keeping price, location and overall quality in mind, it is possible to find budget accommodations in Europe’s most romantic city.

Hotel Eldorado

As of 2009, you wouldn’t pay more than 90 euros for a room at the Hotel Eldorado, and if you’re traveling solo, you could get a room for as low as 35 euros a night. Located near Place de Clichy, this Bohemian-style establishment consists of 23 guest rooms, each colorfully decorated according to various ethnic themes. If the weather is nice, relax at the end of a long day in the hotel’s private garden. Note that the cheapest rooms only come with washbasins. You will have to share bathing and toilet facilities with the other guests.

Hotel Eldorado
18 rue des Dames
75017 Paris
011 (+33) 1 45 22 35 21

The Best Cheap Hotels in Paris

Hotel de Blois

Hotel de Blois is near trendy Boulevard du Montparnasse, just south of the train station. The Hotel de Blois’ 25 rooms may be small, but they are also well-equipped, with satellite televisions and direct dial telephones. All rooms come with showers or bathtubs. For some rooms, though, you will have to share toilet facilities. Rooms ran in the 50 to 98 euro range as of 2009.

Hotel de Blois
5 rue des Plantes
75014 Paris
011 (+33) 1 45 40 99 48

Port Royal Hotel

The same family has been running this one-star establishment since 1931. The rooms are quiet and spotlessly clean, with some of the rooms overlooking a delightful glassed-in courtyard and others allowing guests to observe street life in the surrounding Latin Quarter. As is common in Paris, the cheapest rooms only come with a washbasin. Rooms ranged from 41 to 89 euros as of 2009; breakfast will cost you an extra 5.50 euros per head.

Port Royal Hotel
8 Boulevard Port Royal
75005 Paris
011 (+33) 1 43 31 70 06

The Best Cheap Hotels in Paris

Hotel du Sejour

Located in the heart of the Marais, just a few steps away from the Centre George Pompidou, this one-star establishment offered rooms for as low as 47 euros a night in 2009, if you book for a minimum of three nights. While the hotel is well designed, the rooms are quite simple and most of them do not come with bathrooms. There is also no elevator on the premises, which might make staying here difficult for guests with disabilities.

Hotel du Sejour
36 Rue du Grenier St-Lazare
75003 Paris


JAY SMOOTH PUTS FERGUSON “RIOTS” IN PERSPECTIVEI’ve been mulling over writing something about the killing of Mike Brown, the resulting mass demonstrations, racist police practices, Darren Wilson’s grand jury miscarriage, and the systemic white supremacy that has facilitated all these realities, but there have been more than enough probing think pieces to speak for me as I process my rage and privilege. But as a movement for justice builds through words, solidarity, and action, there has been tension about what course of action is most strategic or successful to challenge this rigged system.

JAY SMOOTH PUTS FERGUSON “RIOTS” IN PERSPECTIVEWhile some tactics – like the human chain that discontinued BART’s trans-bay service on Black Friday – have been met with fairly widespread support, others – such as property damage and looting/liberating in downtown Oakland and the Te-mescal – have been divisive. That tension has caused some to distance themselves from the Justice for Mike Brown movement and fueled the right’s continued mischaracterization of it. Thankfully, wherever you fall in this debate, one of America’s wisest and most astute social justice observers, Jay Smooth, has broken down the false choice inherent in this discord. By illuminating the causal relationship between the taking of black life and the rioting and property damage that follow, he reminds those who are mad about broken windows that they should care more about the cause of that destruction – the unjust taking of black life. #BlackLivesMatter